“Whether you’re organizing small or big events, we will be ready for you.” Romina

Fusion of competences is as important as fusion of senses. We bring our talents together: virtuosi cooks, dining room artists, cocktail masters, environment and live experience builders, connoisseurs of flowers, interpreters of music, tableware specialists, but also technicians, movers, seamstresses, magicians, photographers, some younger, others wiser, creative, finders… All those talents gathered together with a strong desire to surprise you every day.  

Our catering and event services are tailor-made, according to your wishes, your tastes and your feeling. We always organize a first meeting and draw up a list with your expectations in order to discover you and know you better. 

Cocktail parties, lunches and dinners, staff events, weddings, conferences, salons, Bat and Bar Mitzvah, breakfasts, personalized cooking classes, baby showers…

Our services are as varied as your needs are.