Renowned places, gastronomic caterers, French Master Chefs, embassies in Europe and in Argentina… Like the chefs she used to work with and after having worked in many institutional kitchens, Romina chose to push the boundaries of gastronomy even further. With Fusion des Sens, she approaches her cuisine in an unconventional manner, non-standardized, with sincerity and sensitiveness: “I imagined a catering where the client could create his own menu instead of having to chose from a standardized one.”

Fusion des Sens offers a real tailor-made experience. With a keen interest in travelling and cultures, Romina has developed many culinary identities to offer a selection of dishes, which closely resemble the client.

Romina cares about the seasonality, the balance of flavors, the textures of nature and the very essence of the products. Her creativity has no limit, except authenticity: “I find in cooking a constant need to express myself, to share, to learn… It’s impossible to satisfy my hunger for this work. It allows us to discover new sensations and give pleasure.” As her creator does, Fusion keeps cultivating the senses.


“Fusion always want to surprise you, bringing the cuisine where it is not expected to go.” Romina