Our cold bites
& small plates



Roasted in honey-soy sauce-ginger, potato panko
crust, lime and coriander mayonnaise  


Scottish Salmon 

Beet marinated, iodine eggs sour cream 


Mediterranean wild bass

Served in «ceviche» with a coconut milk
sauce, seasonal vegetables 



Served in tartare, surf and turf, with
shimiji, seaweeds and herbs


Smoked duck magret 

Served on a hazelnut sablé, sesame mousse,
red onion pickles and candied fig 



Quinoa, amaranth, chia seeds, pearl barley salad,
pomegranate seeds and basil 



Our hot bites
& small plates



Quick-cooking, with paprika, smoked potatoes espuma, shiso oil



Black tiger in a coriander tortilla, quince and chili spicy sauce 



Red tuna airbag, candied peppers and mango chatini



Candied pineapples, pistachio nuts and sweet spices stick



Argentinean lomitos, grilled vegetables, provolone au gratin and homemade chimichurri sauce



Spicy braised lamb Gua Bao, apple and pine nut coleslaw, Sriracha BBQ sauce



Our sweets bites
& small plates



Yuzu cream, white chocolate mousse and roasted almonds



Chocolate trilogy, candied kumquats and cardamom


Panna Cotta

With coconut milk, honey and candied mangos


Cheese cake

With «dulce de leche» and pecans, fleur de sel coulis


You are happy to give us detailed information on the possible presence of allergens in the dishes of the menu, in case of allergies or intolerances please contact our staff who will gladly inform you.

Origin of meat: CH, FR, AU, NZ

Origin of fish: CH, FR, LK, SCO