Blue lobster causa, candied pomelo and
coriander, celery roots mousseline


Pressed Landes foie gras, mango and tamarillos chutney,
biscuit with a hint of brioche


Cream of pumpkin, smoked burrata,
black truffle polenta croutons 


Quick-cooking, on toast, seasonal vegetables
ticks, aniseed carrot vinaigrette



Our main courses


Steamed striped mullet, iodine emulsion
and oyster leaves beignet


Saith/Pollock unilateral cooked, pearl barley risotto,
chiprones, shellfishes and Iberian chorizo


Marinated veal with orange and black garlic, cooked at
low temperature, heirloom/heritage vegetables


Slow-cooked chicken, pumpkin mousseline, chestnut
shavings, herbs and curry emulsion 



Our sweets
and desserts


White chocolate and mascarpone stick,
pineapple and clementines


Peruvian chocolate royale, crusty praline,
kumquat and Sichuan pepper coulis


Mango mousse, green tea espuma
and spicy crunchy biscuit 


You are happy to give us detailed information on the possible presence of allergens in the dishes of the menu, in case of allergies or intolerances please contact our staff who will gladly inform you.

Origin of meat: CH, FR, AU, NZ

Origin of fish: CH, FR, LK, SCO